Chris McCombs is lies, is a deadbeat, and wont honor refund


I purchased a group training program from Chris McCombs and it promised so much great content on the sales site.But when I downloaded the program it was worthless, useless information done in on a conference call line recording.

I can actually find better and more detailed information on other people's free blogs. When I asked for a refund (just like he offeres on his site) no one got back to me even after several emails. And when I left a comment about it on his blog he erased it.

Chris McCombs is a deadbeat and a fat lier who wont deliver what he promised.Do not do business with him.

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sam bakhtiar and chris mccombs sold me on their *** coaching program.I flew to their meetings all the way from the other side of the world and all they did was talk about drugs and how awesome their life was.

They took my money and delivered *** for advice and now they're both broke.Never trust those two ***, scammers and ripoffs!

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, United States #630374

You're not alone my friend. Big Chris claims to love personal trainers but routinely rips them off to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars with his *** products and coaching services.

Just be glad you got out with only about 100 lost, I've personally lost nearly 4000 to him!

Oh well I'm sure based on his current situation Chris would tell you karma is a ***.

to css033 Crest Hill, Illinois, United States #675449

As the other poster said, be happy that you only lost $99.I got on a coaching program with fat Chris McCombs and his boy 7 figure Sam and that was a couple thousand dollars wasted.

Worst is that they never gave me the refund that they promised.I feel I've gotten scammed.

Paid $4,000 to Chris McCombs for Coaching Services, then he went M.I.A.

Lusby, Maryland 3 comments
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Chris McCombs of Positively Fit Inc. and charged me $3997 for 12 months of business consulting and coaching services.

Coaching began in July 2011 and for about three months he did provide the service as agreed upon, although it was of sub-par quality and I did not make a dime from any of his suggestions.

After that three month period, I was no longer able to contact Chris or schedule any further appointments despite multiple attempts through his assistants. To this day, I have not received any further coaching from Chris despite being told repeatedly by his assistants that someone would be in contact with me shortly to schedule me. It never happened.

Essentially Chris got nearly $4000 to e-mail me twice and speak to me on the phone for a total of about 30 minutes. He then went missing in action without providing his services for the full length of our 12-month contract, as we had agreed upon.

I am currently investigating possible legal action for breach of contract as I have lost several thousand dollars due to this fiasco.

I highly recommend staying away from Chris, his coaching services, Positively Fit Inc. (his primary company) and his website Use his products / services only at your own risk.

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Both of these jokers ripped me off.I bought a program from 7 figure sam and it was supposed to be how he built his 7 figure business.

It was totally shallow and had no real usable information. I asked for a refund, and never got it. I saw Chris Mccombs in Sam's video so I went and got his program and again it was junk, no usable information and when I went to email Chris to ask for a refund (like his site promises), my email bounced back.

His email address isn't even real.Don't buy from this guy.


Chris MCCombs went and sold his coaching business to his buddy 7 figure sam and it's still a mess.I know two guys who dropped out after one month.

I'm glad they told everyone on Facebook because I was looking to join.Bad form Chris Mccombs.


You're not alone on this.My business partner got scammed from Chris McCombs and his mastermind program.

All promise, no deliver and then you get ignored by him and his assistant.Save your money!

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